Mobilizing ASEAN: Building the Future through Partnership

The promise of a prosperous ASEAN community will be realized through the innovative partnership of business and government; entrepreneurs and venture capital; and the maximization of ASEAN’s powerful pool of talent.

Join the Wharton community in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for this extraordinary opportunity to make new connections and learn from innovators and thought leaders who are mobilizing ASEAN through their dynamic partnerships.

Through panels, keynotes, and intimate discussions, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the context in which ASEAN is developing, and insight into some of the world’s most innovative and impactful businesses. Personal strategies and organizational tactics will be the focus of sessions, where Wharton faculty, alumni, and the business community will learn from each other and build relationships that will launch the future businesses of ASEAN.


At the Forum, attendees will:

  • Participate in rigorous discussions about the most important issues facing the global economy and the ASEAN community
  • Experience the Wharton classroom in Kuala Lumpur during sessions led by Wharton faculty
  • Examine topics including:
    ▫ The geopolitical context of ASEAN
    ▫ Innovation and entrepreneurship, including emerging technologies, and monetizing innovation
    ▫ Human capital, talent management, and workforce development: How to attract, retain and maximize your talent pool
    ▫ Finance and capital: Islamic finance, the dynamic partnership between venture capital and the entrepreneur, and global capital markets
  • Engage with a dynamic community of peers during networking sessions, cocktail receptions, and other events
  • Enjoy a gala dinner